Just Another Arkansas Food Blog, Sort Of

We met in 2006 through Match.com. We were both in our mid-30’s, and divorced. If we’d given it a couple of months, we may not have needed the internet to facilitate our love. It turns out we ran in overlapping circles, frequented the same dive bar, and went to UALR at the same time.

I was divorced for over a year, and living like a dude. Sparky (which what I will call him, he can call himself anything he wants) had a more civilized lifestyle. Sparky vacuumed and used a cookbook called A Man, A Can, A Plan. I lived on boxed macaroni and cheese, and cereal. I did not vacuum.

When we moved in together, Sparky brought his huge television. I brought my hundreds of books. He also started taking me to restaurants. He picked me up on a Saturday, and then refused to tell me where we were headed. I cajoled him the whole way, but he never broke.   He has a knack for knowing what I want, even before I know it.

One of the things I wanted, it turns out, was to share in this hobby of his. For an amateur foodies, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of restaurants in the Little Rock area. His passion for following the food scene around here is about as intense as it gets. I’ve been nagging him to start a blog since we met. Five years into our marriage, I finally talked him into it.

We aren’t trained cooks. Our experience is mostly of the customer variety. We come from parts of the country that are vastly different, both culturally and in things piquant. We sometimes argue about the definition of “good food.” I complain about the lack of spices in what I call the “northern food” served in his home state. He complains about the lack of bloodkrub and lefse in mine. Despite that, we are egalitarian in our tastes. We are just as happy to spend a day eating cheese dip at the World Cheese Dip Championships as we are having brunch at Ashley’s.

So this blog is going to be about food, but mostly about Little Rock food. It’s also going to feature a few of our other Arkansas related passions: football, movies and whatever Sparky is up to presently; Arkansas history, books, art and random travels from me.

Woo Pig & Mange Takk.

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