A trip to the homeland!

Full disclosure time – even though our blog is called Arkansas Mirepoix, only one of us is a native Arkie.  I have lived here for 17 years but I was born and raised in North Dakota.  I recently had a chance to go home and visit my parents.  We spent some time in Fargo while Dad had a couple of procedures done at the local VA Hospital.  Everything turned out fine and I also got a chance to visit with two aunts and an uncle while we were there.  One of those aunts took my Mom and me out for dinner in downtown Fargo.  This was a place that I had not spent much time in since leaving for Little Rock in 1996.  While it was reassuring to see many old favorite watering holes and restaurants, it was also nice to see many new entries to the scene.  Fargo has seen a lot of changes in the last two decades.  Microsoft’s largest office outside of their Washington state headquarters is located in the south end of Fargo.  That has brought with it a wide variety of new faces and cultures.  It has also spawned a lot of other tech related expansion which has really helped to fuel the growth of the area.  Between these exciting developments on the east end of the state and the oil and gas boom on the west end, North Dakota has the lowest unemployment and one of the largest budget surpluses in the country.

So where did we go eat is what you are probably asking yourself.  Well we went to a place called Rhombus Guys pizza – http://rhombuspizza.com/ – these guys have 3 locations – Mentor, MN and Grand Forks, ND are the others.  They have been around for about 10 years now and they are winning a lot of awards for their pizza.  It is not hard to understand why.  The menu is varied from traditional to exotic.  The food is fresh and well prepared.  The service at the Fargo location was excellent and the place was packed on the Thursday night we stopped in.  Take a look at their menu online and you will see what I am talking about – a lot of them jumped out at me – The Busey, The T-Rex, the Louisiana Saturday Night.  My Mom and aunt split a pizza and got one half Margherita and one half Deluxe and they were both pleased with their choices.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

I on the other hand put my fate in the hands of my server.  He recommended the special of the night and I went for it.  It was the Tater Tot Hotdish pizza.  Now what is Hotdish you southerners may be asking?  Well the rest of the world would call it casserole but if you were raised in or near the Red River Valley and particularly if you were raised Lutheran then you call a casserole a Hotdish.  So this pizza was everything you love about Tater Tot Hotdish – cream of chicken soup, corn, tater tots and jalapenos but spread evenly over a thin pizza crust and topped with cheese.  Absolutely wonderful.  I was thrilled with the suggestion and would eat it again in a heartbeat except that the next time I am in the area, I think I want to try some of these other great choices.

These guys are doing it right, having fun and winning awards.  So for those of you from outside the Red River Valley, if you ever get to Fargo try this place.  For those of you from Fargo or Grand Forks then you already know this place is awesome.  Thanks to my aunt for helping me find it and for reaching for the check before I could!

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